The room was just a fenced off area. No buzzers means you have to wait right there late at night when they have 2-3 tables.

On late Friday night they had maybe two 1/2 NL tables and two 2/4 limit tables going. A decent number of the tables didn't have auto shufflers so if the room is busy, you might get stuck at one of those tables.

Very non-intimidating crowd. Didn't see many locals. A lot of people trying to bluff with mediocre hands at the no limit table.

There are a couple of great dealers here who make up for the bad ones. Danny is pretty funny. Most of the other people are pretty bland. Either no personality or just sloppy.

The waitresses weren't anything special but did a good job of bringing the drinks

Management was pretty strict about the language and harassment. The night I was there, a couple of guys were booted out for the language. It was probably a good call even though I liked playing with those 2.

Average jackpots. A player at my table flopped a queen high straight flush and got a $50 payout. Big deal.


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