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DAKDT75 wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Some likes, some dislikes

Couldn't really call Luxors poker room a room, more or less just a roped off area. Nice location near the sportsbook away from slot machines so it wasn't as noisey as some rooms I play in.

Competition is average - mostly tourists, but I did beat Paul Magrill (quack quack guy from WSOP coverage)for a couple of big pots. otherwise just tourists like myself.

I mainly played in the mornings and had the same dealers, who where all really good dealers. No mistakes and kept the game going while adding a little entertainment when acceptable.

Can't say the server was that attractive but was quick and got my order right so i can't complain.

Used a paper list. Never very busy when I was there, therefore always got into a game quickly and easily.

$100 high hand jackpot from 5am -10am (won it twice in five days). Also given $5 off/VIP coupon for either the buffet or the coffee shop. Never had to ask for, was just friendly to the staff and Shirley hooked me all five days I was there.

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