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TheCaptain wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

The average everyday TV-poker watcher's room on the Strip

I could go below average but I'll be nice because one thing you gotta say about this room is that it's full of fish and decently run. Overall it's nothing to look at, the tables and checks are getting pretty dingy and management isn't exactly smiles and welcoming attitudes all the time. The room is hectic (they run 3 tournaments a day) but you can usually get a seat quickly, which is nice. It's more of a nook off the main casino than an actual room.

I was close to going with an extremely easy vote, and that might be true on weekends, nights and holidays, but for now we'll stick with "just" easy. This place is full of tourists, 90 percent of your players are staying near the Luxor on the Strip, there aren't many locals except for during the week during the day. The shirts are loud, the players wear their ignorance on their sleeves, there's a lot of drinking, and so be it, it's a low-limit room where a lot of these characters can play poorly and not really get hurt. Worse scenario is they lose a hundred or two, but they get to say they played "real poker" in Vegas. Careful, though, they often don't know how bad their plays are and will suck out on you occassionally. In the long run though, if you're a semi-decent player you can definitely "beat" this game.

There are some fun, experienced dealers mixed in with some newbies who you can tell are "young" and you might want to watch them a little more carefully to make sure everything gets done right.

Relatively quick. I don't care too too much about this part of a room. The women are typical Strip cocktail waitresses, a lot of make-up, orange-tans and silicone. But again, that doesn't affect me much, I go to these rooms to play the game, not look at the waitresses.

Like I said, they can get busy and distracted but they usually run a tight enough shift and get you to your table in a quick and efficient manner, though occasionally they are a bit brusk about it.

There are some high hand payouts and both cards DON'T need to play. Subsequently, said payouts are relatively low, I think it's 20 bucks for quads, maybe a hundred for a straight flush and a thousand for a royal or something along those lines. If you play 15 hours in a week I think that qualifies you for a Free Roll tournament, although a lot of times not many people qualify and they just take the cash and don't play out the tournament.

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