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Rex wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

This is my new Home Room.

It is a standard strip-quality poker room with pleasant tables, drink holders, no smoking, and 2 TV's. Bathrooms and a convenience store are 30 second walks from the room. When you think about playing poker in general, this is probably the type of default room that enters your mind. Nothing fancy and few frills, but comfortable for several hours of straight poker playing. Most tables have auto-shuffle (the 1/2 limit tables don't have them).

Everything from first time players to experienced players. MOST 2/4 and up are average 1-10 year players who play straight-up poker, usually friendly, and not a whole lot of sharking or weird stuff. If you are good you will make money over the course of several hours. If you are not very good, you will lose money over several hours. But it will not be dramatic. Few people are so good or bad as to win/lose their bankroll in an hour.

The fish usually stay in the 1/2 limit games in the afternoon (everyone seems to now their skill level here), and the 2/4 games don't usually have the outright fish that some other casino's have.

30-40 average age. Not a ton of MTV kids trying to impress everyone. Not alot of maniacs. Not alot of grizzled old folks who make a scene when they get a bad beat. Mostly people who can afford to lose gracefully, but try hard to win or sharpen their skills.

A great place to just relax and play poker.

I really like most of the dealers. You will occasionaly get a dealer that rubs you the wrong way, but they rotate every 1/2 hour or so - therefore, you will not be stuck with a disagreable dealer for very long. They have several dealers that I really like. They are witty without being anoying, mostly friendly, and they know the games. They don't make many mistakes.

The dealers will play on occasion when the rooms thin out. They don't try to shark (sometimes they will just call nut hands). They genuinely just seem to want to keep the action going so everyone else can have a good time.

The proximity of the convenience store where you can get huge bottles of water, soda, beer, snacks, etc ... makes it easy enough to get your own stuff, for about what you would pay for the tip.

There is usually a single cocktail waitress, and I would budget 20 minutes from the time you get thirsty, to the time you actually get a drink. Frankly, this is about average.

They are generally friendly, however.

Personally, I wait until the button passes, then go to the convenience store. I will be back with my stash well before my blind.

They call you by name. They try hard to get you the game you want. They thank you for playing in their room. They actually appreciate your patronage! This is a rarity, whereas many other casino's make it seem as if they are doing you a favor by getting you into a game. These guys realize that there is competition among poker rooms, and they seem genuinely pleased that you picked them for your session.

When it gets super-busy and full, it is standard management. Not as friendly. But they take an efficient list, and they eventually get you into the game you want without much fanfare.

You can't stand around the room. You do have to go immediately to the podium and state what game you want and how many chips you want. They don't let people wander around the room or stand at the podium and ask 20 questions. They will get short at that point. This is not a bad thing, IMHO. They will point you to a rack which has flyers that outline their promo's, and tell you to take one and read it.

If you come to play, you are treated well. If you aren't sure, or are confised about what you want to do, you will be shoo'ed away.

This room feels like it is run by poker players, for poker players.

I think the room is run efficiently. I would like to see the electronic list taking, etc of the MGM ... but for a standard low-tech poker room, I feel like this is about as good as it gets.

$20,$50,$100 for 4 of a kind, straight flush, and Royal Flush.

$3,500 freeroll invite with 15 hours of play per week.

No food (that I know of), drinks are free anyway, and you'll get a little extra cash for premium hands, weekly freeroll.

I would consider that good.

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