The room was very small. Tables seemed packed in. It is only separted by a railing, from the main casio. It always seemed like many people hovering around, near the tables or on the railings.

The competition had its ups and downs. At times even felt like a fell people we teaming up to drive up some of the pots, but I don't know this for sure, only a gut feeling. Overall not bad competition.

Dealers were okay...not too many problems that I can remember. Some had great personalities, some did not say a word.

It always seemed like it took forever to get a drink. The room was usually packed and only one or two girls were working the poker room.

It seemed very confusing how they made and kept up with their list of people to get on a table next. Sometimes there were very long waits to get on a table. I was playing 4/8 and some NL. As mentioned above....the management tried, but I wish they would kept the people away from the tables when games are being played.

None that I knew or or even heard of....

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