More of a cordoned off area of the casino floor than a room, I went on the first night of my vacation at about 12:30 am on a Wednesday. The room has about 10 tables, three of which were spread at that point. The room was not overcrowded and the chairs were fine. For comic relief, the dealer kept having to push money from rebuys into the cash box with a screwdriver as the standard push was broken.

If you are looking for a room with solid competition that will test you as a player, this isn’t it. If however, you are looking for a room where a guy will push it all the way with A,6 off suit while the board reads 9, 6, Q, K, 3, and never thinks that the guy next to him (me) rasing like crazy has a J, 10, you have found Nirvana. I tripled up in about an hour and a half before the table broke up.

Good control of the game, no flashes, no misreads on turned cards when settling hands. Plus, they’re handy with a screw driver (see above).

Non existent.

The room was being run by an older gentleman who really knew the deal and several kids who didn’t look old enough to be in the Casino let alone working there. Purchase of chips went smooth enough, though they didn’t show you to your table, they just kind of pointed.

No idea on this one.

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