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Donkeyface wrote a review about Maryland Live! in Hanover, MD

Incredible Staff handling an Angle Shooter

Playing 1/2 NL here last night. Loose Aggressive Kid heads up against another player goes All-In out of turn. Other player gets confused, floor is called. They work it out, the player in turn goes all-in, the LAK folds.

An hour later, I'm heads up with the same guy out of position. He goes all in out of turn. The floor is called, they work it out, they determine the all-in is binding (Because I checked, so action hadn't changed), and he refuses! Stands up, tries to leave, puts chips in his pocket. One of those guys who keeps talking over the staff when they keep telling him @#$% get his turn.

Bottom line: He cashes out and leaves, but he's on their list and he's banned until he pays. They took my info and if shows up I suppose I might see a check in the mail someday. But more than that, the staff handled both incidents VERY well, and were communicative and transparent the whole time.

(Oh, if it matters, I had QQ vs his A3o. So I at least won what was already in the pot, which was not insubstantial).

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