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Shareest wrote a review about Maryland Live! in Hanover, MD

Unprofessional Establishment

This place gets absolutely no stars from me! I have been going to Maryland Live for years and never have I ever been so humiliated like last night. Me and my brother was put out of the casino because we were racially profiled. I personally sat at the table in the poker room gambling plenty of money done this dozens of times and never did I encounter such an experience. Me and my brother so happened to get seated at the same table he won a hand and the white man he beat said your a @#$% @#$%. My brother responded with okay and your mad you lost the hand. He continuously kept repeating it to my brother, until he got up in said to him but I can fight can you come outside. So when that happened we both took our chips off the table, the dealer was shocked people at the table was as well because the other African Americans at the table said this is why you come to a casino to gamble. As we walked to the cage to cash out Donray Cooper the operations manager came out and said no there not getting any money. He told the cashier no do not give them anything, and we responded why not we played we are cashing out. Then Mr. Cooper says where is your ID since when do you need ID to cash out at the cage, and mind you we are already in the casino. So to not cause a scene we showed our ID to cash out, all I have to say is racism there is real. He had the nerve to call security to follow us out, my brother went one way I went another and Mr. Cooper continued to follow me. What is crazy is I never said one word but why are you following me and I stopped to play a slot machine, he says Ms. you have to leave. So I took a picture have this on recording and took his card because I was disgusted that an individual can behave in such a way. This was ridiculous because when is it ever okay for someone to lose a hand and call someone a name at the table. This is not a house game a gambling spot, this is a respected casino at least in my book was a well respected casino. I used to prefer this place over Horseshoe any day but now apparently I can no longer return to this establishment based on my encounter with Donray Cooper Operations Manager at Maryland Live Casino. Honestly I will not tell anyone of color to go to this establishment ever again because honestly it was racism at its best from the Operations Manager. Not once did he even try to find out what happened all he saw was black and white in simply chose to remove the black people who never did anything wrong. After a person sits there and continuously calls someone out of there name, they are lucky there wasn’t a negative response because it was very unnecessary. I never post any reviews but today I decided I will speak out, people can take it however they choose but I know what happened and I’m sure Live knows as well because there are cameras everywhere. For Donray Cooper Operations Manager I hope you read these reviews and know that I know exactly what it was, it was you being very racist.


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