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Soariation wrote a review about Maryland Live! in Hanover, MD

One of The Best

I’ve played poker everywhere in the US and this room has consistently been one of the best rooms out there.

The floor staff is knowledgable and helpful. The staff here in general is tenured and they have offered numerous staff members career opportunities to move up. Many staff members have become floor or supervisors elsewhere as well. You can tell they are well trained. The room here is still very busy.

The rake has been $5 since the room opened. Of course they have raised the promo to $3 but they spread it with more frequent and higher payout high hands which are fine for regulars.

The tournament structures are nice and they offer some decent low to mid stakes tourneys. The main events in their semi annual tourneys have gotten too pricey. I want to see them in the $2k range, not $5k which is absurd for a regional. I enjoy the tournament staff.

Cash games are still good. The new jackpot is nice because it doesn’t take the regs money and distribute it to rando lottery winners who never come back. They run any game people want if they have the players for it.

Some issues to note:

Lately I’ve struggled to call in. Bravo is kind of janky and the software doesn’t really work as it should.

I do miss the option to eat in the room. Yeah some people are slobs. Just is what it is. Not allowing it is worse than just dealing with the slobs. People if you’re not washing your hands after touching chips anyways you’re doing it wrong. Or putting your fingers in your mouth for that matter. One hand for playing, one hand for eating.

The chairs are downright awful. We were just joking the other day, I would literally give $200 to the room to upgrade my chair. Crowdfund it if you have to I’m happy to invest in my bodily long term health.

If you’re going to have 30 min table time have a dinner list.

This room used to have low tolerance for misbehaviour. I have seen some things lately that suggest the tolerance has become more lenient. More temp bans need to be issued for players, even if it’s just “leave today, and come back better tomorrow”.

Dealers are good but some still have a tendency to encourage action. For example: taking the “bet and call” money into the pot and leaving the “raise money” makes the to-go value appear more reasonable even if it is the same. If they always did this it would be fine but they don’t and it’s not proper. Or using language like “it’s only … more”. Wish they were better about this.

Players here are fairly respectful. Remember we’re degenerate poker players, not thieves. Legitimately trying to take each others moneys. And that’s what’s honest about this deceptive game. Thanks Live!

Food and Drink

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