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I just spent the Christmas week at the MIrage and I'd have to say it was very "family friendly" in the poker room. Al the dealers were very attentive and care about customer service. Cocktail service was great, every 15 minutes and massage girls came by every 30 minutes.

The action was mixed as always depending on the hand; I did not run into any Maniacs but lots of LAGs, TAGs and calling stations. A mix of some locals and mostly tourists from out of town, including myself. Some games were boring folds and some were heated so you have to chose the right time to play and depending on who is playing of course.

Some pots got up to 1000, but mostly stayed in the 50-300 range for the most part. They have bonus quads etc, so check out their website for the latest promos.

I liked it and kind of preferred the warm atmosphere versus the Venetian, which was 10x as large and hectic.

I like it and will be back.

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