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I have played professionally for 15 years and have NEVER seen more unprofessional dealers than the night crew at the Mirage. They somehow think ppl come and buy into games and tourneys to watch them deal! They are normally too focused on the TVs to do their jobs. I witnessed just tonight a tourney player making a decision for all his chips and the dealer SCREAM "YESSSS" when the Golden Knights scored a goal! When the player asked him wtf he was doing the dealer replied "sorry they just over the game". I will never play there again at night. Don't waste your time. A self deal home game would be better. No poker player worth their salt would be caught dead there at night. Now the day crew? Fantastic! Professional and friendly. But the night crew is more like adult daycare. So sad what has happened to a room that used to be so great. Go to Venetian, Aria, Bellagio it literally anywhere else!!! Trust me.

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