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diver wrote a review about Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV

Horrible in every way

Does management not understand that the simple amenities of a poker room can make or break it?

1. They moved the poker room to a area which:
a. was a high traffic area
b. next to a busy deli and
c. not enclosed...making all of the above very distracting and difficult to concentrate.
d. far away from the bathrooms.

2. I was fine but I heard several people complain how cold it was.

3. They had "one" tournament TV screen information on the opposite side of the room of the tournament tables, so that those in the tournament could not even remotely read it.

4. No buzzer or announcement would go off for when a round was over...a floor person had to come over and tell the dealers when to raise the blinds.

5. I started out waiting for a seat in a cash game . I had to wait in the poker room for them to call my name as the announcement for when your seat was available, the announcement didn't go throughout the casino. (Sorry business from me due to the poker room).

6. Someone did seat me and get me chips however the communication did not go to the shift manager of the cash games because my name remained on the screen (along with a friend of mine). After I had been playing for about 20 or 30 minutes , I heard the shift manager called our names to play. I don't think the shift manager was well organized at all.

7. Cocktails were "eh"...didn't come around enough.

8. Best thing was the competition. Had a variety of level of players including one professional poker player that I recognized.

I am going back to the LUXOR where and room is clean, separate and the dealers, management, and players are much more happy and the bathrooms are a few steps away.

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