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nittastic wrote a review about Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV

Short Session Quick Hit & Run $1/2 NL

Personally did not care for the room that much. Visually it's nice but way too loud for my taste and not a room at all.

Played three rooms on my September trip and this had to the easiest. Lots of calls with mid or low pair and few folds with bad cards. I was there for 45-60 minutes and the guy to my left must of reloaded on chips like three times. Only one guy at the table appeared to be a regular (kind of hip late 20s early 30s asian guy). This guy seemed like he knew what he was doing and had a big stack that he must of been getting from tourist all night. Everyone else was just having fun and did not care about losing a $50-$100 buy in. Easily doubled my big $50 buy-in after no time at all.

Quiet but seemed competent and knew what they where doing, and was satisfied with there $1 tip.

Came by often and not bad to look at.

Not super friendly or anything but seemed eager to get people in the game. Had no problem getting in the $1/2 NL game around 1AM on a Saturday night.

Don't know did'nt ask.

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luksuk wrote a review about Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV


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