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elf wrote a review about Rio in Las Vegas, NV

Just expected more. from the home of the WSOP

For the poker room at the home of the World Series of Poker I just expected a larger room with more presence and personality. It's not a large room in terms of areas, as four Rio poker rooms would fit in the area of one Orleans poker room. I was there on a late Friday afternoon and a late Saturday afternoon and both times there were two 2/5NL games and one 4/8Limit game going and that was it. The decor was pleasant though the seating at the table closest to the front desk was a bit cramped and the palyers opposite the dealer were too close to the wall.

Well, either a) I just didn't have my game, b) everyone else at the table was exceptional or c) I couldn't catch any cards, but I just could not make a dent at the 4/8. By the way, my story is 'C' and I'm sticking with it. I didn't have time to check it out late at night when (hopefully) the drunks would have been there donking off their chips.

Absolutely professional and courteous. I saw no mistakes in the limited time it took me to bust out. They were just the right amount of talkative, not too chatty and not silent automotons.

Only ordered a red bull myself but it arrived quickly and pleasantly. I didn't notice anyone else with drink issues and the servers took orders frequently, often checking all the tables twice before gonig to fill the orders.

It took repeating myself several times to get it through the floorman's head that I had no interest in 2/5NL. However they rushed out and got me a players card in no time which was greatly appreciated.

The standard Harrah's $1/hour comp applies here and there are jackpots for either quads and above or just straight flushes and up, I forgot.

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