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shaq_daddy wrote a review about Rio in Las Vegas, NV

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. .But. you'll be surprised.

The room is a dump. For a casino to hold the WSOP and have a room like this, should be ashamed of themselves. Tables are falling apart, chairs are uncomfortable and the card shuffeler kept breaking. They only had 4 tables going at once.
That's Bad and The Ugly.

The competition at the Rio was surprisingly tough. You had one fish and 8-9 really good players at the table. It felt like the good players went to other casinos to win money, then came to the RIO for the competition. From 11pm to 4am the room had some really good players. The majority of players knew each other.
That's the Good. (Or if your not a good player, That's the Bad)

Dealers where excellent. They kept the game moving and they were very sociable. They had a girl dealer, she had to be the fastest shuffler I ever saw. (AS I said earlier, the shuffle machince broke quite often). I played there every night after Midnight.
They were the same dealers every night. The got to know you and you got to know them. There wasn't any mis-deals. I played 4/8 with a half kill. The action was good. And the mistakes were minamal.
(That's The Good)

Waitresses very pretty but because of the location of the poker room, they didn't come around too often.
(That could be Bad)

Room was small but management was very good. They knew most of the player and if they didn't know you they acted like they did. The put out disputes quickly. These guys knew what they were doing.
(That's the Good)

Comps were $1 an hour. But When I sat down I forgot to give my card to the front desk. When I was finished playing, I went to the desk and told the manager that I forgot to give my card in when I sat down. The manager said no problem, he said I seen you here for a while, and he wrote me out and $8 comp ticket.
I thought that was great. I used the $8 toward a nice breakfast.
I will say this about the RIO, is not what the poker room looks like, it's the people who work and play there that makes the room a surprisingly good place to play.

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