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rybraz wrote a review about Rio in Las Vegas, NV

This is the home of the WSOP?

I'll give a 3 here, only b/c the sportsbook and restrooms are close, and at least it wasn't a rope-off like some other places. The 5+1 rake during the day/evening pretty much sucks as well. Tables seemed newer, chairs were average. I expected a lot better for the WSOP host.

I didn't do well here (got stacked once after getting it in w/ the best of it (dominating KK over 9's) - the game was crazy loose, and that just isn't my bag. Give me a tight and predictable table anytime. I'm sure I'd be better off in this game in the long run, but as a wise man once said, "In the long run, we'll all be dead." I'll take a steady stream of small pots anytime - fits my playing style a little better. I'm giving it a 2 b/c of my personal preference, but those of you that like a loose game and don't mind the variance, this is a great room for you.

Dealers seemed experienced, no screw-ups that I can remember, not even a misdeal. Not much personality-wise, but I kinda prefer that. Just keep the game moving, be polite & professional, and you're fine by me.

Waitresses were seldom seem here, I have no idea why. And since noone really complained about it, I am assuming this was par for the course. (I'm not the complaining type, I'm the type that will just quietly leave a place that I don't like) The only reason I don't give a 1 here is b/c a couple of the waitresses are really hot. Which, on second thought, may explain why noone was complaining...

Not much interaction w/ management, only 1 floor call at another table, which was handled w/o incident, as far as I could tell. I'll give a 4 since they didn't prove otherwise.

I'll give a 3 here, b/c they did have a nice deal going for anyone playing from 3am to 3 pm, $3/hr comps and $3+1 rake. They also had a bad beat jackpot of around $5-$6k going. However, since I'm a tourist, I'd rather just have a low rake all the time or a HHJ, not be based on time.

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