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justvisiting wrote a review about Riviera in Las Vegas, NV

Great Time in a

Small room, clean, comfortable attractive. Great vibe although I only played there once at about 6:00 am on Saturday(the day we had to leave). Wish I had found the it sooner and will definately play there next trip. Because I was there so early it would be hard to judge noise level from the casino but there must be some since the room is only seperated with a low wall. A big plus for location is that it is very close to the restrooms. Laugh if you want but that is important if you are going to spend 3or 4 hours there like I did.

At 6:00 am when I arrived there was only one table playing 2/4 limit. It was obvious that the players had been there for a while. There was a mix of tourists and locals,some sober(mostly) and some drunk some good players and some bad and at least one who had never played in a live game before. In all I liked the mix because I cashed out double my buyin after about 31/2 hours.

The dealers were actually more very good than just good. Very friendly, helpful to inexperienced players,knowledgeable and in controll of the table at all times without being rude or bitchy or stuffy. I like to size up the play at the table before sitting down myself and the dealer at the table and the rest of the staff were very welcoming without being pushy as I stood at the rail watching the game.

Not that I cared but for you men the cocktail waitresses were attractive and dressed in flattering,low cut, short,outfits(I noticed because my husband would have liked them). Service was fast, efficient, and frequent. Of course the bar is very close to the Poker room and it was a very slow time of morning but I would think that would also mean fewer staff on duty. Since I only drank coffe(good hot and fresh)and cran juice and oh yes 1 Bailys and coffee I can't really speak to alcohol quaility although ohers at the table were ordering imported beers and jaeger and seemed to get what they wanted. I guess I can or did speak to quality after all, hehehe.

I didn't have to sign up or wait to play and didn't have much contact with management except to buy in and then cash out my racks of chips but they all seemed friendly,professional and polite. I don't know how they handle problems or mistakes since there weren't any while I was there.

I did give them my players card when I bought in and asked to be rated (actually I asked if it was worth being rated and was told absolutly, unlike the BJ dealer at Circus who was surly and almost rude to my husband) but since we were leaving shortly after I finished playing I just got my cash and card and went back to our hotel a winner.

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TheDude wrote a review about Riviera in Las Vegas, NV

Convention time

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