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loftypines wrote a review about Riviera in Las Vegas, NV

much better this time around

The Riviera is doing their best to improve this room and are looking at more improvements. The room is in a quieter spot on the Casino, I think they had 6 or 7 tables. Nice big tables with good padding and felt. Some of the chairs need repadding. They are looking to build a half wall around the area some time soon (they were measuring it out on Monday) right now it's just roped off but this does make it enticing for passer-bys to watch and join in. Nice new flat screens with game listings and tournament info. They run 3 $47 tournaments a day that pay top 3. They had 2-3 tables signed up every day. Always a 2-4 game going, 1-2 50% of the time I was there. Good high hand prizes and they say a "spin the wheel thing" for all quads is coming soon. I heard the Hilton was closing their Poker room soon so this will make the Riv and CC the only 2 down the old end. CC stank, tables were dirty and mostly local grinders the day I stopped in. The Riviera improvements were refreshing, I hope they stay around for a long while!

I was very comfortable with the competition. I liked the fact that not many locals played there when I was there. Ran into a couple of "crazy raisers/call to the river no matter what" guys the one afternoon, but other than that day it made sense.

This was my 4th visit to the Riv poker room and everytime the dealers get better. THis time I would say the day and swing shifters were as good as I could see a dealer getting. One guy (Joe- hope he doesn't mind me using his name) was incredibly quick with his dealing and keeping the hand moving. Gave a great commentary as the betting moved around. I bet he himself is a great player. The other day-time guys were great people, very personable-but that is the Riv. I find the whole place a very personable bunch. the nite-time dealers were still very good but the one and only mistake I saw in 4 days was on the night shift.

had to ask for service a couple of times but I got toasty 3 or 4 times so I say this is not a problem area.

very good bunch of room managers. flexible with rakes to get new games started, the electronic list keeps it well organized.

did not see or ask for any freebies. I think I got $1/hr. i think this is close to standard. They say bad beat jackpot is coming soon too.

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TheDude wrote a review about Riviera in Las Vegas, NV

Convention time

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