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hussar68 wrote a review about Riviera in Las Vegas, NV

OK room, one bad dealer

Not enclosed or away from the main casino, so I imagine it could get noisy and smokey when busy. Since I played the 10am Monday tournament, it was neither. Generally an OK room, not great but not bad either.

Players seemed to be mostly tourists (like myself) and a mix of skill levels mostly on the average and easy side with maybe 2 good or better players. 26 in the tournament. I finished 4th, just out of the money.

Of the 3 dealers, 2 were ok (not much personality with some experience, a few minor mistakes). One in particular brought the rating to a 1. He made a lot of errors regarding pot splits and winning hands. 3 times awarded the pot to the wrong person. Twice misread the winning hand. And once (I was in this one) raked the chips together on all-ins before confirming who had who covered by how much. See Management on outcome.

I already had a water and didn't need more, but they did come around at least one every level or so. Perhaps because it was pretty dead on the main floor.

Again average management. Not friendly, but not rude. He did warn the above mentioned bad dealer to be more attentive, but curious as to what happened afterward or maybe he should have pulled the bad dealer. During the above instance in which I was involved, I won the hand, he asked my opponent and I what our chip counts were but neither could be sure except that my opponent had me covered by 500-1000. Manager then asked rest of table for their observations. At least 500 was the consensus. Manager awarded my opponent 500.

Didn't ask.

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TheDude wrote a review about Riviera in Las Vegas, NV

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