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FishFinder wrote a review about Hooters in Las Vegas, NV

Hooters Rounders & Fish

Not very nice.

Most of the players you will encounter at the Hooters Casino are weak. You will get alot of middle age men who do not know what they are doing. But you will have to play close attention and you can pick out "The Hooter's Rounders."
"The Hooters Rounders"
Mencia- Don't let this guy fool you with his drunk droopy face. This guy can play some poker. He changes gears well and sends stupid tourists back to their rooms with empty pockets. He plays alot of hands but knows how to get away from them.
Lito- Don't let this guys smile and gentle personality fool you, he has no problem taking your money and using your chips as coasters. He is tight solid player and can be bluffed out of pots. But he will send stupid tourists back home early on a bus with a smile.
The Uni Bomber- This guy can blow up anytime but can play good cards. He wears a hood so no one can get a read on him. He will make donkeys feel bad for calling him with bad cards. Watch out for him in the free roll tournament on Sundays he is the reining champ and can be hard to beat and read with his unique style.
Johnny Montana Aka Johnny Pottsville (The Hooter's Legeng)- Beep Beep Beep Warning Warning I repeat Warning....Look out for this guy and he sticks out like a sore thumb. He wears tight shirts that expose his muscular build. He has a huge handle bar mustache that looks as if a squirrel died on his face. There word in vegas is this guy is one of the best cash game players on the strip. He is extremely extremely hard to read with his quite deamenor and his stares at his oppenent and the wall. Some players say he may be a better player than Phil Ivey but he just likes the Hooters Casino so much he sticks to their 1/2 NL games. There is no getting a read on this guy. He has the tourist ship him stacks over and over. Some of them try to bluff him just to say they took a pot from "Montana." He is a Hooters Casino living legend and some think of him as an immortal almost god like.

There are a few good ones but they are nothing special.

The Hooters girls get your drink orders and are fast. Good scenery sometimes its hard to pay attention to the table.

A dollar an hour comps is normal I guess.

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