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Unlvrobo wrote a review about Hooters in Las Vegas, NV

Smokers make for bad players

Hooters originally opened with its poker room in a clubhouse type atmosphere next to the R@S book. They now open the table right next to the players club. This allows players to use their cell phones and also SMOKE at the table. If you are a non smoker, think twice about playing poker at Hooters. The problem with the smoking is most of it is done by the locals who have no compassion or thought for the non smoker sitting right next to them.

This is a classic room to show you that the locals are no better players than the tourists. Plus, if you play at night, once the locals are tired they have no problem going all in pre flop with a pair of 4's or AJ post flop with QJ7 on the board. Too many bad plays to mention.

No experience necessary. They run a poor game and let the side chatter during the hands run wild. The idea I believe is to have it be fun, but come on.....enforce something !!!

Wheres the hooters? day shift cocktails have a lot better personalities than the night crew...

It is what you would expect. not bad, but not very professional

No free comps or jackpots, but if you play 10 hours a week , there is a free roll every Sunday at 2 pm.... pretty cool

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