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BellyBuster wrote a review about Hooters in Las Vegas, NV

Wild game

They had a decent-looking room that was usually empty. The one table that was always going was outside the poker room, with the players packed pretty tightly in one of the corners. Why have a room and not use it? Also, you can smoke and talk on your cell phone at the table, which can be annoying.

It was a Wild West type of game at the $1/$2 NL. People were making massive overbets with bad hands, and a $10-15 raise preflop was getting 4-5 callers. I was by far the tightest player at the table, and I still got called every time I made a bet. Giddyup!

Good dealers there- fast, friendly, and no mistakes.

Given that it was Hooters, the waitstaff was slightly disappointing. Average service.

I think the guy's name was Steve, he was pretty bad. They had about 14-15 players there, and he tried to keep two tables going by keeping one full with 10 players, and one at 4-5 but you "must move" to the full table if someone leaves. No break on rake at the short table either.

He also came over and yelled at a dealer for some non-issue, which I thought was very unprofessional, especially since the dealer was way more competent than he was.

At the Player's Club you can get a coupon where if you buy in for $50+ and play one hour, you get $10. At about an hour and 15 minutes, they came over and added $10 right to my stack.

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