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mayo wrote a review about Hooters in Las Vegas, NV

omg omg omg i liked this poker room

It's a small room (three 1-2NL tables), but I liked it. Except for the Sunday freeroll, there was rarely more than one game going. The room was in good condition, but there's a poster listing house rules on the wall that has the word "breathe" misspelled on rule nineteen. (It is rendered as "breath".) I don't know why that bothered me so, but it did. Otherwise, I'd rate it a 5.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Everyone was having a good time and was very talkative. Once we got straddles and blind raises, etc. going, the games got to be very loose and very fun. Plenty of gambool, plenty of drunks. It was great!

The room is nonsmoking, which is apparently a recent development. But that's a huge plus.

The regulars were pretty bad to almost decent and the tourists were awful to bad. It's a very beatable game. But the regulars were all very interesting people who kept us tourist types quite entertained. Who could ask for anything more?

The dealers were all great. They were all extremely competent and worked hard to keep the games going and keep them fun. They were smart, funny, helpful, and very nice. I spent most of my time at Hooters flirting with one who claimed to have a husband of some kind which basically sent me to tears. That guy's a lucky guy imo.

But the dealers at Hooters are, to a man, awesome. Eff the haters. They absolutely make the room.

What can I say? I like Hooters girls.

They seemed nice enough to me.

If you log 10 hours in a week, you qualify for a freeroll on Sunday where you are given 100 chips/hour logged (capped at 3000, I think). When I played, 30 qualified and 10 places paid. The regulars played really passively, just hoping to squeak into the money. There's so much dead money in it, so that's a @#$% of a "comp." Other than that, pretty standard fare, I guess.+

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