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mya_aceofhearts wrote a review about Hooters in Las Vegas, NV


My husband insisted that we go to hooters to tour through and he really wanted a chip from there, so I agreed to play poker while he walked around. I can only say this casino is REALLY BAD! I'm not sure how old those pics are of the room, but the 'poker room' is just a hovel across from their players counter. It represents an after thought, I felt like i was at some underground table ready to dash out at the hint of the police. There are three tables without auto shufflers squished together. Good thing there wasn't three games going, there was no room to move as it was. The table I played on was very worn with the leather cracked and torn. Every time someone tried to take a drink, their cup holder came with. The chairs were very much like revamped kitchen chairs with no adjustments. The table seemed lower than most which is hard on the back. Personally I could find better places to play.

A mix of tourists and locals. I found the table somewhat sexist, not that I am surprised considering the venue. When I sat down, I think the boys were agitated that I was playing and my husband was watching. The game was the basic limp in to see the flop type plays. I raised several hands to take the blinds/limps without contest. One man even 'scolded' me for raising preflop, like I didn't know the rules.

The guys were young and looked bored. They didn't make any mistakes, bantered with the players and kept things running. One of the dealers was joking with the players which seemed appreciated. I found it funny that the dealer kept calling me miss considering I am about 10 years older than him.

Although I didn't order any drinks, I observed the waitresses as quick and friendly. The guys were constantly ordering drinks that were replenished about every 20 minutes. I was a bit disappointed that not all the waitresses were not 'hooters' girls. I mean isn't that part of the attraction of this place?

Quick and friendly. It seemed like a very lax type setting. Our dealer asked for another deck of cards as one card was marked. It took forever to get that new deck. I didn't see any problems that required the floor. They did ask me for my comp card right away before I sat down.

I don't know what their comps were on their players card, since I was really only playing there because my husband insisted. They have a aces cracked promo at certain hours of the day which was $100.

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