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avgplayer wrote a review about Hooters in Las Vegas, NV

Mostly friendly game, cheap decor

They have completely dissolved the "room" and simply have 2 tables outside the old poker room. Even that one table had a rip in the armrest.

Luckily, I ran into a very low stacked friendly game, with few people having more than 75 bucks to start out with. This also meant that my stack grew very slowly. Most pots were less than 20 dollars and even a 3 dollar bet into a 12 dollar pot caused the remaining hands to fold. One of the locals finally started to raise the pots by betting 12 bucks on virtually anything good. By that time, some other people got in the game and I was too drunk to continue to play well. Walked in with 100, walked away with about 150 after 2 and a half hours. Slow but pleased for a newbie.

Nice ladies, not much else to say.

Even though I thought the drinks could have came a little faster, they were always potent, which was one of the things I loved about Hooters. Drinks were always strong and the waitresses would bring you more than one drink at a time if you were friendly enough.

They rarely had more than 9 people playing at any one time, so no real management was needed.

I head them say they credit 1 dollar an hour per play, but there was not much emphasis on it. But at least it was better than the Luxor which didnt give you anything! No bad beats though or high hands.

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