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Roxee007 wrote a review about Lucky Chances in Colma, CA

Something's not Right Here

I'm concerned. I play really good poker but I always lose my money here.

Whenever I get a monster hand on the flop - I always lose to a runner runner flush or higher straight.

There's always one person at every table with a mega stack winning hand after hand after hand - scooping every pot.

Same 10 - 20 people win the tournaments over and over and over again. How could this be? Especially when there's so many good players out there.

And what and the heck is up with not cutting the deck out of the automated shuffler? They say it's to save time? What??? Save one second on cutting the deck when that's the only surety that the cards are dealt randomly to all players.

Something's not right about this place and most poker players know this. Play where you know it's safe.

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