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twriter wrote a review about Mirage in Las Vegas, NV

A nice place to play

The chairs are comfortable and the tables are in good condition. It's short staffed in the mornings, so you might have to wait for attention at the front podium. Floor folk are friendly. The lighting on the tables is inconsistent; there are dark spot that make it tough to see hole cards. Over all, it is a nice, comfortable place to play.

I played only in the mornings, in the nitty "promotion poker" limit games. Mostly very passive, with plenty of experienced players. Not nearly as many suckouts as the nighttime games, as most will play solid, tight poker.

I encountered only only morning dealers. Most were "experienced," and most had personalities. They knew the morning regulars and interacted with them regularly, yet didn't leave out the newbies. Dealer mechanics looked solid.

Waitresses were occasionally absent in the mornings, but once they were called to the table the first time, return trips were regular and frequent. Typical small glasses for drinks. I include in this also food service. None is noticeable. A couple of players claim there is a menu to be had, but I never saw one.

Because the morning shift is short, I saw a lot of overlap of duties. For example, dealers moving players at tournament tables. But the people who were there were as efficient as they could be and always friendly and professional.

Chris still hasn't gotten in the Genesis Bravo system, which likely is something he has no control over (he's been pushing for it for some time now). $1/hour comps, but you have to cash them in within a week or lose them. You can get comp slips that are good for 24 hours, and I'm told that you can hold on to them after they expire and the room will replace them with good ones upon request.

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