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Chairs are adjustable and comfortable. Room is spacious. Tournament buy-in is handled separately from cash games so the front desk isn't busy. Felt is in nice shape. Sports book and bathroom are adjacent.

I saw many truly terrible players here. One guy stacked off on the turn drawing dead with As8s on an all-club flop. A number of beginners in the tournament, who may never have played before.

The dealers here have a lot of experience but I saw more mistakes here than anywhere else I played. Dealers had trouble figuring out the minimum raise amount and creating the side pot when there were antes. One commented "didn't any (of the other dealers) tell you (players) the rules?". A couple tournament dealers were noticeably slow.

No complaints. And older group by they were pretty quick.

Hats off the Chris and his staff. They've implemented a great 7 PM tournament for the price. The room runs smoothly. There was some confusion when seating my friends and I in cash games.

The comp system is outdated and below average in that you have to play 5 hours during your stay AND remember to ask for a printed comp. This is a real downside to the room. The HHJ weren't widely publicized or promoted. That said, my friends and I were able to get meal comps by asking nicely so for us comps were a 5, which brings my rating up to 3.

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