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nittastic wrote a review about Mirage in Las Vegas, NV

Loved the room but tough competition, $1/2 NL

To me this is what a poker room should be. First time in Vegas and only played at MGM, PH and here. However I stopped by Wynn and Bellagio and found the Mirage room all things considered much better in my opinion. The room was not hidden in the back of the joint(like the Wynn). It was not an enclosed room yet still quiet which I really liked. I also loved the fact that it was right next to the sportsbook. To me the sportsbook and poker room should always be next to one another. The room has a lot of space and those cool little drink tables right next to your chair. I liked the decor elegant and tasteful and not over the top and tacky (like the Bellagio).

By far the toughest game I played. Table seemed to be like half locals with one guy early 40s sporting circa 1980s red Station Casino t-shirt and matching trucker hat with a matching big fat pile of red chips and he was directly to my right. You mix that in with tourist going all in with nothing and a tight nit like me that's not playing anything but AA makes for a crazy game. Also everyone had on there poker face and no talking. It was around 2PM on a Saturday so maybe it was just the wrong timing. I lost like $12 after an hour and ran.

I really liked the dealers here. This was my first cash game ever and one blond female dealer, maybe late 30s was showing me the proper etiquette through her bossy/sassy but cool attitude.

Seemed to come by often enough and was helpful in going through there selection of beers.

I thought the floor lady we dealt with was excellent. Very nice and polite and was able to get me my nephew and brother-in-law in separate $1/2 NL games right away.

Didn't check but I guess it's a $1/hr.

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