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TwoArrhhzz wrote a review about Mirage in Las Vegas, NV

The Mirage, Great for retirees!

I really like the room, i prefer the darker lighting think its really nice. it\\'s not the Aria but nice. Thought the chairs were very comfortable, they may be my favourite. Really friendly atmosphere, nice staff. pleasant, very close to BLT, the best Burger bar in vegas. not sure if thats to do with room quality but its a bonus.

I have always played $1/$2 cash games here in March and November 2010-2012 played at total of 40 hours ish in this room mostly in afternoons and evenings It was not until the 5th or 6th time of playing here that i realised how lucky i had been with the players i have had at my tables. Lots of bad players, drunks and fish. Had some really good action games. But the last 2 times i had been games were tight, boring slow and full of old nits maybe i thought this because was blessed with such good games previously.

Most very very good and quick very nice and friendly. Few storytellers which i liked had some really good chats with a few! its not all about the \\"money, money\\" few slow, miserable and below average but mostly good.

Once again not going by looks, will tell you when there are hot waitresses but not giving higher marks for it. I found a couple of waitresses here very very friendly nice and helpful. TBH probably not enough of them, but we\\'re plenty enough to bring me water. Not quick enough for the alcoholics.

Management was really good, when i was being a pain wanting a table change every 5 minutes they were cool always friendly and helpful when cashing out ect. helpful! Sound get an Excellent but i think will increase overall rating too much as this is a comfy nice room with good dealers and good atmosphere. But the action is most important i feel.

High Hand per hour they had when i was there which is ok..ish. $1 per hour comp and aces cracked which i never think i made it there in time for, finished at 2 i think.. great for limit players and morning grinders. 50k freerolls look great but i\\'m only here 2 weeks at a time so all you freeroller\\'s enjoy the $\\'s i contributed. Good for local people who like a social game who play everyday. If i was old and retired and rich i would probably play here everyday!

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