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Veritas wrote a review about Mirage in Las Vegas, NV

This is a great place to play

I liked this room a lot. It had comfortable chairs, fairly nice tables and it was reasonably lit and not extremely noisy. I could find a drink cart easily and I had room to move around if I needed to stand.

I played 2-4 stud and it was a fairly soft game. It was all locals who seemed to be using it mostly for a social hour. They were not bad players, they just never mixed up their game, so after playing for only an hour or two I had them mostly figured out. They were all friendly.

I watched some of the NLH game when we first got there and were waiting to get seat. I did not get the impression that is was a shark tank, nor did I feel like it was just a bunch of fish.

The dealers were all very friendly and very knowledgeable. They handled any errors by the book and I was very impressed, considering other experiences I have had at other Vegas card rooms. They all joked around with us, and we played until the game broke up, after which one of the dealers gave us some tips about other card rooms and other games at the Mirage.

I ordered a bunch of drinks, and they always showed up in a reasonable amount of time. Were they attractive? Well...I guess if you are fifty they would be attractive, but they were certainly friendly.

These were the friendliest management I met the entire trip. We asked if they had any mix games and they told us not at the moment, but that they would spread any game at just about any limit we wanted to play. The even offered to let our group of four play 2-4 HORSE, but we decided it would be pointless, what with the rake and all. Then the lady said that the dealers would play with us when they got off work if we wanted to hang around until then. It was really generous and I was impressed. I think what was really surprising was that she meant what she said about spreading any game, because I asked about every poker game I knew and she said they cold find someone to deal it, and could probably even get me some action. Awesome.

I am giving this an average rating only because I did not check into it.

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