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mooselander wrote a review about O'Sheas in Las Vegas, NV

Don't embarrass yourself. Go across the street to Caesar's

This is a sad excuse for a poker room, one or two cash tables near the sidewalk gutter and four or five in the back for tourney play.

I played in a late evening tournament there, exactly one time. I didn't spot a single good player. The kid to my right was doing his best to convince me and everyone else at the table that he was a pro, and he had all the accessories... dark shades, ipod, huge ego. I busted him out in my first hand with a K high flush, I think he had a pair, two pair maybe, don't remember. I just remember he had a dumb hand to call with and he was livid. The guy next to me smelled like he @#$% himself the day before, it was tough to stay in the tournament just because of this, I had to hold my breath the entire game. I couldn't look at him either, he looked like a creepy child molester that just got out of the California state penn -- maybe it was just the mustache, don't know. Maybe it's just me, but I can't stand to listen to people talk about their poker games. Everyone in the world is the best player on earth to hear them speak, there was a lot of that going on at O'Shea's.

I kept looking at these guys thinking, what, just exactly WHAT are you doing dealing in a place like this?!? Friendly enough, but it was a bit frustrating at first to have to slow down for the dealer to explain to a few folks how to play, what the blinds are for and how a tournament is different than a cash game.

I think I got one drink in 2 hours.

Seemed friendly enough, but it's still O'Shea's

Don't kid yourself. You'd just have to come back later anyway.

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