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nickle0_avp wrote a review about Riviera in Las Vegas, NV

Good Fun at a Low Cost for Tourists

The "poker room" is open to the casino and was subject to being overwhelmed by noise on occasion. The room was neat and clean, with good tables and average chairs. Everyone was welcomed to the room by one of the employees.

What a variety! Played $2-$4 Hold 'Em and a few tourneys against skilled local players who were obviously there to take a little of the tourists' money all the way to players who had only seen the game on TV. Very tough games because most of the time you never really knew what you were betting against. There are high hand jackpots (progressive to a maximum of $500) awarded to 4 of a kind or higher which everyone chased. Any hand with a pair or suited cards would be played!!

The dealers overall were a good group ranging from very experienced to relatively new. For the most part they made the players feel they were welcome and made the playing experience enjoyable for all levels of player. One of the dealers made the unforgivable comment about another dealer to the effect that he wouldn't work here if I was boss! On the bright side Jeff not only made the game fun when he was dealing by handling everything in a kind-hearted, jovial and professional manner, but he also dealt me 4 NINES for $265 and when Gwen came to the table, the room just lit up with her smile.

As good as it gets! The lovelies were prompt and attentive. Most even remembered exactly what you liked after one trip around. The only issue was that there were different waitresses for different tables! This occasionally would result in three being in the room at one time...crazy!

J. C. , Tom, and Gwen were all on top of their game. From getting players seated promptly, to maintaining the electronic wait list, to getting tourneys going, to handling difficulties at tables, I think players felt that the room manager was in charge and was going to deal with everything in an even handed, calm and fair manner. All of my questions were answered...rooms, high hands, comps, etc.

$3 for Hound Doggies Snack Bar after several hours (4 or 5) of play. Rooms can be reserved at casino rate through the poker room. Apparently, the players card will soon be used to track play. There are high hand jackpots (progressive to a maximum of $500) awarded to 4 of a kind or higher as mentioned earlier.

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TheDude wrote a review about Riviera in Las Vegas, NV

Convention time

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