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uwgbtimmerz wrote a review about Riviera in Las Vegas, NV

Juicy low limit games at the Riviera

The room is really just a roped off section of a few tablesto the side of a slot area and can get loud. Other than that nothing fancy to draw a person in, but nothing to turn a player away. The location does pick up a little walk up traffic and the shift manager is always near the rail encouraging the railbirds to give poker a shot and welcoming the new players as they enter the room. The games are all low limit games.

I have never seen a group of players easier to beat. Lots of older players who are not very good, or who get a charge out of catching cards, with a mix of younger players just as bad. 7 players on the flop was the norm. Any pair was worth taking all the way to the river with these folks. Any face card was worth seeing the flop and suited cards were even better. Almost everyone stayed in the pot trying to catch that second pair or the miracle card on the river. Players are also very predictable and show no immagination. Tight aggressive play will win money at the Riviera. The low quality of play is the reason to visit this room.

Dealers hardly ever made a mistake. If a mistake was made a quick solution was found. They run the games very well, but didn't really seam friendly. On the same token they were not rude. Just blah. I like dealers who are funny, but dealers who are blah are ok as long as they keep the game moving. The Riviera dealers keep the game moving.

I saw the waitress several times during my first night of play. However, during the next two nights of play a waitress hardly ever made an appearance.

Player list was managed well and the manager welcomed me everytime I came in to play. All my questions about tournaments and other related issues were answered. I was disappointed as rake reduction requests were turned down when only 5 players were dealt in.

They have a high hand jackpot and I was told they give out vouchers for discounts at the coffee shops after a few hours of play. The shift manager also told me that they are working on a comp system that will be connected to your players card. Sounds like it will be similar to the MGM Grand system. Not sure if any of this is going to happen. If it does I might consider boosting this to an average score as even then the comps are nothign special.

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