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jed160 wrote a review about Riviera in Las Vegas, NV

june 6 to 8 at the 2-4 riviera. (go else where)

the poker area is just a ropped off area between the casino floor & the arcade/fast food area. the tables are ok. they seemed small, but plenty of room between tables. That is since there was only 2-3 tables going at any one time. no atmosphere to speak of. Close to the sports book so you can easy place bets between hands & still have time to be back for the next hand.

the table was full of tv player types. well most of them. there was a few older players. The players almost never folded. even when the bets where capped & they had no draw or even a pair. one guy at our table (playing on his 21st b-day) kept saying no free cards here this is a betting game. Well it is if you have any draws or top pair even. this guy bought in for 100 a few times then started to get cards. he would cap the bet every round & pay off full houses on the fiop all night. this got to be regretable to others & myself. I left after a few hands of watching this. went back the next day & a few of the players from the night before where there. They continued to play like the kid on his b-day. they learned nothing from his mistakes other than to bet up the pot & loose. I got very few cards that where even playable, so I left after a few hours of this again. played off and one at the riviera over the 3 days in vegas. never seemed to get any better even for the "regular" players there. 3 older guys that had on riviera hats. that the dealers knew by first name. they should play face up & cap the bets. then everyone would see who was the winner & still pay them off. Sorry, but i felt this was the worst poker room I have ever been to as far as the players.

very green. had to point out the strait flush that beet the A- high flush. it was even a easy one. the A is beat by the 6 when the 2, 3, 4, & 5 of spades is on the board. also they missed several straits. maybe if this was a real game & not no fold'em cap every hand I could have been more leaniant. they where friendly enough. not fun. not that i mind live stradles, but when the dealers expect you to do it, just as if it was a blind. What is up with that. the players where so new that they just posted them. no one except me even question this. the players said "don't you want a big pot". I ask if you want to play for bigger bet raise it from 2-4 to 4-8, or 2-4 kill. they then said "NO!! we want a 'low-limit' game". so no win no loose. had to leave.

nice waitresses, older but not bad looking. they have great capichino (how ever you spell it. the drinks where good & they where fast on the return. seemed to slow down in the early am, but other wise good.

the manager had to give the dealers there breaks. this was due to not enough dealers. 2 dealers & 1 manager. when the managers where dealing nothing went right. no one could get into the game, he would have to finsh a hand get up & go to the other table to figure out a simple problem.

no comps. well let me back up. the only comp is a $5 off the buffet coupon that is good for 48 hours. This is if you ask for it & have played at least 4-5 hours. the coupon is only good for one person & to a max of $5 off even if you have 2-100 of them. no free buffet only $5 off. no bad beats. no high hand ackpot. no free snacks. only free drinks. they would cut those out if they could, i feel.

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