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dcMirage wrote a review about Riviera in Las Vegas, NV

Low Expectations

A major pedestrian area roped off with 6 tables thrown together that didn't even catch the "old school" feel of the Riv.

After keeping my head above water and surviving unplayable cards, I decided to be "creative" at what I found later to be a typical 2/4 table. Buying in at $100, I lost $60 like a leaky faucet gone wild. I tightened up and started to play my game....carefully. I started to see what the fish were playing and it wasn't pretty...for them. Low pocket pairs were considered gold to them. If they were holding pairs or straight draws, they would ride them into the dirt. THEN they would complain about bad luck and a tough beat. Typical. There was one girl on the table that was totally clueless and gave up "Sugar Daddy's" (He was the railbird with tears in his eyes, hoping it would payoff later for him.) money fast in a couple of hours. There were a few fair players there I had to watch and decided not to cut heads with them unless I had some strength. At the end of 3 hours of rollercoaster emotions, I walked off satisfied with a net gain of $160. BUT it was work. In all, you had the frustration and shakey ground of a typical 2/4 table.

Out of the table dealer shift, I only saw one strong dealer. The rest were controlled at critical situations by players "telling" them what to do. Untolerable! Verbal communication was a challenge as well.

There is only one server assigned to the area....and she would be humping drinks big time. Of the 3 sessions I played, (it was convenient as I had to do the Riv for a pool tournament.)two of the ladies did distract me. :) They both did the best they could and I was appreciative.

Management was friendly and accomidating. Still, I don't like it when assistants are at the rope entrance hawking for players. It's totally bush league, and uncalled for....especially when they couldn't seat you right away.

$5 comp on the food offered after they recognized me at the second session. Like I said, it was convenient if you had to stay there. If you want a friendly social low stakes game....stick to Excalibur!

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