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jcc37000_avp wrote a review about Riviera in Las Vegas, NV

New Dealers, Bad Players, Bad Beats.

The room is a roped off section of the casino. On a busy weekend, they were spreading 2 tables of 2-4 HE. That's it. It is right near some doors and a loud handicap "elevator" thing. This area of the casino was basically empty.

The players at the table were awful. Players capping (to $10)pre-flop with nothing, fishing for flushes, straights, even pairs! I only got to play for 2 hours, if you have 5-6 hours to give to this room you could make some money....or experience 20 bad beats. I sat down and fired at the first pot capping twice and getting 2 callers all the way to the river, when i raised the first $4 BOTH of them folded, with 50$ in the pot. I basically blinded away dollars for the next 80 minutes, when I got involved in a hand with 2 pair, capped twice and the lone caller on the end caught 5-5 on the turn and river, flipped a 5-2off and took down the $80+ pot. 4 players, including him, called $10 pre flop. Just miserable....

I feel bad giving our dealer a bad rating, but she was new, her third week dealing and in 2 hours she pushed 2 pots to the wrong player and was very weak. She, however, was very nice and even got a few humorous comments in about the awful fishing fellow at the end of the table.

5 vodka tonics in 2 hours, didn't even bother asking for Bele or GG, but very attentive, 40-50 year old cocktail waitress who was happy to get a buck a drink.

One guy on duty (think his name was tom). He was friendly when i came in and got chips, but when i left...he gave me a really unfriendly vibe. Very odd.

Only played for 2 hrs, no comment on the comps.

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