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photoc wrote a review about Sam's Town Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Average at best

First off, I cannot stand having very little to no room to move around in. This room was built for 6 tables and has something like 9 jammed in there. I just felt cramped the whole time and probably won't head back over there.

Typical locals crowd with some tourists in there as well. Nothing exciting, local rock, type of action.

The dealers were fine, nothing that stood out about any of them in particular. They dealt a good game and kept the pace going which is about all I can ask for.

Service was quick later at night when it got slower. The servers are average looking at best, but if the drinks are good who cares? Well, the mixed drinks were of average/watered down quality from the service bars, hence the 3 rating.

Nothing special here. They get you seated and take care of issues as they arrose. They didn't go out of their way to accomodate anyone like Wynn or Aladdin.

Extra rake for bad beat jackpots. Free coffee in back of the room. Thats it as far as I could tell. The guy at the counter told me they dont take cards for comps, so no buck an hour I guess. Oh well.

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