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MtDon wrote a review about Sam's Town Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Comfortable, friendly poker room (Jan 2005)

The Sam's Town poker room was comfortable and friendly. Clean, well lighted. Comfortable chairs.

Definitely had a good vibe.

The players were mostly locals. A few regular winners. Quite a few of the out of towners were players who had played there on previous trips. But there were also a few out of towners and new players who didn't know too much about poker.

All the dealers seemed to be experienced and freindly. Some had dealt there for many years. Very few mistakes.

All dealers freindly, most were pretty quiet, some very personable. One step down from the Mirage dealers.

Some waitresses were atractive, some weren't. No knockouts. I only drank water and some hot chocolate, so can't comment on the quality of drinks. But don't remember anyone complaining.

Well managed room. The mananger was experienced and friendly. Relatively small room, so list was kept on a clip board. Could sign up for more than one game, could ask for table changes easily.

When I was there they had both a Bad-Beat Jackpot and a High-Hand Jackpot. It is my understanding that they were going to discontinue the Bad-Beat Jackpot after it was won. Then just have High-Hand Jackpots.

The High Hand Jackpot paid $100 for Aces full and Quads; $300 for Straight Flushes; $500 for Royal Flushes; and more for some specific straight flushes that were listed on a sign.

A coupon for a free food at the lunch counter just outside the poker room is free for the asking, but you do need to ask, and it's not advertised. You can eat while playing.

The poker rate for a single room was $35 weekdays and $65 weekends. Regular rates were $100 to $150 on week ends. During the week, the poker rate was about the same as thw AAA rate. I stayed there 14 days and I saved about $300 on my room.

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