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LasVegasMichael wrote a review about Sam's Town Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Best Smoking room in Vegas

This is my favorite room in Vegas for a reason. I am a smoker, and thankfully, so are many (if not most) of the players in this room. The non-smoking seats are the 1 and 10 seats. There is a coffee area with cold and hot water as well as a phone for players (free local calls). Lots of side tables, ashtrays, and cushions are available. The chips are definately worn and well used, and the chairs are pretty standard. Not all of the tables have shufflers (the ones in the back do not for the most part, and the ones in the front do). All buy one table has a commitment ring with logoes. Being one of the only smoking rooms left, I do not recommend those that hate smokers to go here, and if you do, don't say I didn't warn you, as smokers seek out this place for a reason. It is a classic old school locals joint, that has been around since 1979. Unlike the recent poker explosion on the Strip and everywhere else, Sam's Town has had a room with local regulars long before poker became a recent trend. Overall, the room has a nice standard look and style. Maple wood styling, tvs in every corner, and two clocks make up the decor. When it rains, though, the back two tables (one stud and one hold 'em) are closed as the ceiling usually leaks. This is a minor complaint, though, as the room overall is comfortable and well layed out.

This is not a room to learn the game at. The 4-8 or 4-8 half kill is stocked mostly with players that know the game, and know it well. Some (if not most) of these guys have been playing in this room since 1979. It is a tried and true old school locals hang out, and the number of cowboy hats and big belt buckles outnumber the number of fanny packs (a rarity in any Vegas casino).

The dealers here are the best I have ever seen. Most dealers here seem like they have been dealing a long tome. Joseph, amy, and Barry are all old school and always have a great time at the table, and are my three faves. A true locals place, the dealers here are old school, and know most players by name. What I like is the fact that they don't let the players walk all over them. If someone curses at them, they curse right back. I highly respect this, as there is nothing I hate more then rude players that aren't put in their place. Also, as this is more like an old school underground card room then a traditional Vegas Poker Room, the dlears are allowed to smoke right in the room, when not in the box. Truly a family in this room, it is the most friendly staff I have ever encountered.

Since I play late at night, I can't expect much from the cokctail staff. They are pretty slow, but get the job done. I was told that at around 3AM, there is only one waitress covering THE ENTIRE CASINO. This is the major disadvantage of the locals places. The drinks, however, are solid and correct. They usually let you order more then one drink at the same time, but not always.

I am a creature of late night, so I am most acclimated with the late night crew. Gary, Corky, and Fred, are the night staff most of the time and run the room quickly and efficiently. On most evenings, it is a good idea to call ahead, and get your name on the list. As this plays tends to draw some angry seniors every now and then, floor decisions are common, and always fair. All three smoke, and glady smoke on the clock, when the counter is slow. During the wee hours of the morning/night, you will often see the supervisor sitting and chatting with a regular player on a break, smoking and reading the mags.

The bonuses and jackpots are solid. There is a mini-bad beat for $500 (Aces full or better beaten, both hols cards play). And quads up to 7s gets at least $100. The jackpot is a minimum 5K for a King high diamondstraight flush the last time I was there. The comps, nice and old school. Basically, you get a coupon for $4 toward any food in the place. These coupons are stackable and are good for one week. Basically, if you are there for 8 hours, you can get one or two coupons (depending what mood the supervisor is in). In thiws room, of course, politeness counts.

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