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13 Tables
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VegasAl wrote a review about Sam's Town Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Pretty good little room

No frills poker room. Avergae on all accounts.

Lot of players that I suspect are local rocks. Pots in the live game were on the small side. Had a decent run of luck, but only
won a couple of bucks.

Most were older and seemed to have a 'broken in' look to them. I had a nice conversation with a couple of them. The one jokingly told me 'This is where all the poker dealers come to die'. They're games moved well and they had some amusing anecdotes, but they were not too talky. It seemed they had been dealing for years and knew when to chime in. Paul and Jimmy were really cool.

I didnt like the waitresses too much. They seemed a little past their prime. I ordered a soda which was more or less a test tube filled with ice and a spash of soda. I had just walked from the casino next door and it was a lot farther than I thought, so I was very thirsty. When I asked for a larger glass, she said they only had one size. So I asked for a couple more sodas with no ice. She didn't appreciate the way I asked and on her return trip she forgot it. I had to wait for the next waitresss and she brought more another soda with ice. I finally walked to the bar and paid for a large glass of soda with no ice.

I asked for a 4/8 game and was seated. I dont even remember who I talked to. Didnt deal again with the management.

I didnt see any cards and wasnt told of any comp system. But, there mayt have been one. There was some sort of promotion on the wall, I don't recall exactly what it was.

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