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ACG2x wrote a review about Sam's Town Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Fun little place to play

Room was a smoke-hole when I last visited (I've heard they've outlawed it recently). Because of the cramped quarters you literally get a faceful of smoke every so often.

Room is overall decently nice. Don't go expecting anything lavish or large comfortable chairs you can sink into. This place is old school to it's core. No frills, sit down and play is the motif here. Room is reasonably clean and felt was devoid of cigarette burns (which surprised me given many players puff like chimney's there).

Vegas Rock City. Most players are older, tighter local players who will only bet when they have a hand. Games are fairly tight. Don't expect any loose, drunk tourists dropping hundred after hundred here. However, the locals aren't fantastic either. If you play solid and on your game, you should walk away up. However if you like building/being in massive pots, this is NOT the place for you as pots rarely get above medium-sized.

Seemed knowledgable and friendly. One used to be a Vegas pro who entertained us with several Stu Ungar stories as he had played with Ungar numerous times in previous WSOP's. He also told us about when Sam's Town was more popular, Doyle Brunson, Chip Reese, and other top pros of that day used to come in and rent a table in the back corner. They would pay to have a rake free game (God knows how much that game's fee was) and a dealer and would have whoever was on the button call out what game they were going to play. Engaging, entertaining story that lasted a few hands long.

Dealers rarely made mistakes and kept the game moving. Some were a little slow, which made sense given the overall slow pace of the room. But I have no complaints.

The waitresses were old school as well. However most looked like they were lookers back in their heydays. Mostly middle aged, they were personable and friendly. Drink service wasn't lightning fast, but wasn't slow either. I don't remember a player complaining they messed up the drink order either. Pleasant, fairly quick service with a smile. You could do a lot worse.

Drink quality was average, a little watered-down, but overall pretty good. Again, nothing overly bad or great about them.

I can't really rate here because I didn't interact with them much. Management seemed friendly enough and did a good job when our table broke around 11:00 PM they put us on a list when more players showed up (which happened about 15 min. later).

I heard they had player "time sheets" where you could log hours for merchandise and comps but I was never offered one. Heard nothing about an hourly rate.

They do have high hand and bad beat jackpots.

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