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cch89135 wrote a review about Sam's Town Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

This is where poker came to die

The room itself is unimpressive, with about 10-12 tables and right next to the smoke-filled area that is the sportsbook and a smoke-filled neighboring bar. If you stay here too long you will smell like an ashtray.

The tables need to be sent to a professional upholsterer as the felt comes loose on many of the tables.

The chips (tournament and cash) are in decent condition. Seats are like office chairs and are semi-comfortable

Easy, old rocks. There are a few sneaky elderly bluff artists. This is where the older crowd that lives in the older section of town comes to play. Raising is highly frowned upon. Lots of flash-folding and table talk amongst the locals.

There is daily $23 Limit/No Limit tournament that brings 3 to 5 tables worth of players every day. The first 3 sets of blinds are limit, 20 minute increments. The rest is no limit.

There is also a daily $30 1PM No Limit tournament that's pretty easy.

Sam's Town must be where beginning dealers start off or the ones the union can't get rid of go. Lots of mathematical mistakes, shoving pots the wrong way, slow pace. These dealers are really slow.

Drinks are decent and frequent though the cocktail waitresses look haggard and are possibly suffering from exhaustion due to inhaling massive amounts of second-hand cigarette smoke and binge drinking.

Room and tourneys seem to be managed as they should be. Problems are resolved quickly and fairly.

$1.25/hr if you are playing cash, nothing for tournaments...

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