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nolimitistheonl wrote a review about Table Mountain in Friant, CA

bad for everyone..........

While I agree that the new poker room is horrible, I don't think it's fair to put any blame on the employees of the room. I play here quite often, I've been here on slow days and busy nights since they moved, and while I've noticed that there's dozens of things that could improve the room,here are a few, be more in closed for sound and smoke reasons, you shouldn't have to yell when playing poker. There needs to be a cage, when the supervisor is busy He can't cash you out, so now you either wait or walk at least a 100 yards to cash out, not very guest friendly. And maybe spreading out the tables would help out. So while I agree with the bad reviews, let's put the blame were it belongs, upper management. So to all you Dealers, Supervisors, and Food servers, keep up the good work. I've worked in places where it wasn't an ideal work environment,and it's not fun, but you all probably have families and bills, so I hope the people in charge notice how bad it is for us guest and the employees, and make a change. There's no spot for supervisors, but I give them
5 stars also.

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TMC giving 75 cents in comp and 180 points per hour for live poker play. See Poker Supervisor for details.

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