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hawkeyes53 wrote a review about Table Mountain in Friant, CA


The new Poker room is so loud the players cannot hear the Dealers comments on the tables actions. Most of the time I can't even hear the spoken action from other player stating a raise or a call from the sits across the table because of the extremely loud slot machines. Sound literally bounces off the walls. I have notice a big change in not having a cashier available for the players. It is very time consuming waiting for the floor man to finish his other duties before getting to players wanting to get started on a table. I have been playing for years at Table mountain and have enjoyed all the poker rooms transformations but this design has really missed the mark. I hope when the new Casino is build the owners remember the loyal players who contribute their time and who seek an enjoyable getaway from their everyday routines.

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TMC giving 75 cents in comp and 180 points per hour for live poker play. See Poker Supervisor for details.

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kjc1357 wrote a review about Table Mountain in Friant, CA


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levi13 wrote a review about Table Mountain in Friant, CA


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