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grantmeyers wrote a review about Table Mountain in Friant, CA

New poker room

The new poker room is the WORST idea ever! It's hard to hear players on the table. And the pungent smell from the sea food buffet is annoying. And while you may not smoke in the area, it's not even a room, all the smoke from the noisy slot machines, right next to you, just comes right into the area because all they did was put a 6ft wall up. And not having a cage really hurts the poker staff and are not able to run it efficiently having to wait for fills and making change really slows the process down.

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Announcements from Table Mountain Casino

TMC giving 75 cents in comp and 180 points per hour for live poker play. See Poker Supervisor for details.

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kjc1357 wrote a review about Table Mountain in Friant, CA


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