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vsavage wrote a review about Table Mountain in Friant, CA

up the stakes

Try having a $500 buy in NL table that makes it worth while to play.
Friday's are somewhat busy & Saturday's are non existent for NL.

On Friday's the 1St NL table starts before 5 pm, with less than $2k on the whole table. That table is generally the regulars that play tight & seldom move $100 in chips between dealers.
It takes a couple hours for a 2nd table to open, with a must move to the main table... by the time you move you are often facing smaller stacks than the 2nd table you just left.

Try adding a $500 main table (or big table )buy in, & give the must move table the option to move up to the bigger table. If they are on a run, the added stakes would be fun. If the player doesn't want to move, go to the next person on the list.
It would make it a better experience to be able to get into a higher stakes game & not have to Pass time away for an hour or two playing 2-4 or 3-6.

Saturday's are dead anyway... mb a high stakes game would increase traffic

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TMC giving 75 cents in comp and 180 points per hour for live poker play. See Poker Supervisor for details.

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