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maziyi wrote a review about Circus Circus LV in Las Vegas, NV

Clowning around 3-6 Limit at Circus Circus

The chairs didn't swivel, but were comfortable. Automatic shufflers kept the action going and the tables were in good condition. It was pretty cold in the room but there was just 1 table going and it was right under the vent. It was also nice to count on have a game going here in the morning since I was on eastern time.

Playing 3-6 limit everyone was tight passive with a few loose passive calling stations. You could see almost every flop for $3 or you could build up the pot pretty large if you wanted to. Playing for about 6 hours I didn't see any pot capped on the river (including coolers with set over set, full houses). Because everyone seems pretty cautious you aren't going to win a lot of money, but it is a good place to go relax and play some stress free poker.

I didn't play 1/2 NL here, but they usually ran this in the afternoon.

The dealers knew all of the locals and were very helpful calling out the flop since some people couldn't see it. They were patient yet firm in keeping the action moving along. The automatic shufflers helped also.

The drinks came as frequently as you wished and were correct. Sometimes the waitresses seemed stressed when the whole table would order, but they would get it correct. I enjoyed the coffee but the dealers/management would go to Mcdonalds and get themselves/you coffee sometimes.

Management was nice. Since it was a small room, they were not too busy and could assist you with any questions. They were also the cashier so it was convenient to get your chips right away. They would also make Mcdonalds runs for people sometimes.

I wasn't expecting any good comps from reading the past reviews of Circus Circus. I was pleasantly surprised that they had some good promotions going on. I am not sure about comp dollars, since I was only playing a few hours. They offered a freeroll on Sunday for 15 hours of play. They had 33 players the date I went in the freeroll. It was kind of ghetto how they recorded your hours on a 3x5 card though...

They also offered a $50 aces cracked promotion after 2pm on certain days is great for limit.

On Sunday, Monday, Tuesday (and maybe other low traffic mornings) they would offer $100 for the top 3 full houses from 9am-12pm. I thought this was a pretty good deal because most of the time it was only 1 table so your chances were pretty good to get one of the three.

They also offered bonuses for quads and straight flushes.

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