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  • Circus Circus Las Vegas
FlyPaper wrote a review about Circus Circus LV in Las Vegas, NV

Not a very tough act to follow...

Room was just OK, nothing much more than a partitioned off corner in the casino with 8-10 tables. Personally I'm not a limit poker player and there was always a 3/6 limit game going. Never a NO limit.

The low limit buy in to the 9am tourney wont bring to many superstars so it an OK room for cheap tourney's with very few above average players.

Of the two dealers I had, one lady was very nice and kept the table fun. The other guy was not rude but he was very dry.

I saw the waitress come by twice in a two-day total of 5-6 hours.

They weren't really friendly, they would answer any questions you asked but you HAD to ask, they didn't go out of their way to be helpful. It was only after coming buy 5 days in a row did I finally get out of them that you could start a list of people that wanted to play NO limit Hold Em and they would start a game when they had enough people.

I stayed there a week, but mostly played at other casinos so I could only guess at the comps.

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