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  • Circus Circus Las Vegas
mrflier wrote a review about Circus Circus LV in Las Vegas, NV

Decent competition, below average room.

Not a room, but an area. It is near the front entrance, which was nice. The table I was at had a high point beneath the felt that I guess was there to support the flop cards; however, the felt was so old, there was "stretch marks" around that area, right in the center of the table. The chairs were also very old. Even though no one was smoking in the poker area, the whole place smells like smoke.

Always 2-5 people at the table who go to the flop (I played limit 3-6). Don't bluff, just play tight-aggresive and you should show a profit. Keep in mind, with everyone seeing a flop and going to the river, you can expect numerous suck-outs. Over time, proper strategy will pay off here.

To be honest, I have no major complaints, but compared to other rooms, this group just weren't as good. Nothing specific, just a general not quite as quality as other rooms.

Very average service, not a lot of eye candy.

Did a good job of keeping the tables filled. I didn't see any floor rulings while I was there.

$1000 max payout on the bad beat jackpot. I apoke with the room manager and they took all there jackpot money and spread it out over daily drawings. I was not impressed.

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